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[TRANS] The kind acts by YoonAngel that many of you may not know
? An account by a volunteer who is deeply touched by how YoonA did volunteer work secretly in Peru
I went to a school in Peru to do volunteer works with friends, a teacher teaching there told me that YoonA has ever came here to do volunteer works too. But no matter how i search on the net, i could not find a single trace of news related to this. I am really touched by how she carried out all these secretly.
The teacher looked at me (as i was the only Asian in the team) and spoke to me using broken English, "SNSD's YoonA also came to do volunteer work here before." I stared at him and thought to myself: "YoonA? SNSD's YoonA? Why would she come here?" So i reconfirmed with him again, " Are you sure? SNSD's YoonA, that pretty Korean girl?" And then he replied, "Yes", before continuing to tell me more of what YoonA did for the school.
I was still in shock and in disbelief that she travelled to the other side of the World just to play with the less fortunate kids given her high status in our society.
The teacher also said, " There are alot of Koreans who came over here to provide aid, they are really great people, i really like Koreans. I am really in big shock. That night i went back to my hotel and tried to search on the net on YoonA volunteering in Peru, but no matter how i can't find any news. So from what i know, YoonA just did all these secretly for herself and for others, and not to announce to the world. I just want to share this thing to everyone.
#Donated 20 million won but no news reports on this after a few months, inthe end fans only came to know this through a report from Jung-gu that mentioned YoonA.
Continuous donations to families with financial difficulties.
SNSD's YoonA who is the ambassador of Jung-gu, donated 20 million wons to Dream Hearty in last year December 21st (note i'm not sure if this refes to 2013 or earlier). She also donated to education career organisation, giving 1 million wons each to 10 low-income families, and 10 million wons worth of scholarships.
#Since early debut, sponsored numerous times to World Vision org, but there isn't any reports on it, only when World Vision org is doing a report at the year end, did people find out of this.
YoonA's intention is to do charity silently, so there isnt any news, only tip a certain area is doing a summarised report did people find out she has actually donated several ten millions won. Her sponsorship on kids in her early debut is also discovered through World Vision org.
#Jung Ae-ri mentioned in a magazine interview, YoonA whom she did volunteer work with is someone who will try as much as possible not to publicise the things that she did. Her doing volunteer work with Actress Jung Ae-ri is also only revealed through Jung Ae-ri's interview.
Jung Ae-ri's interview:
Thanks to Jung Ae'ri, SNSD's YoonA who works with her in drama also became a volunteer.
#Making a surprise visit with a cake to a student with disabilities who is also a fan of YoonA
Junho, a student with disabilities, whose wish is to meet with SNSD's YoonA. A volunteer who came to know this decide to grant his wish by transmitting this message to YoonA with the help of their organisation's CEO. The volunteer brough Junho to KBS filming set to look for YoonA, finally he was able to meet and chat with YoonA during her breaks between filming. However, the meeting was short as YoonA has to go back to filming.
Not long later, YoonA has scheduled with the volunteer to visit Junho. After finishing her schedule, she brought a cake to make a surprise visit to Junho.

#Ever since her rookie days til now, at the end of every drama, she will prepare handwritten letters to thank them and also prepare gifts
<You Are My Destiny>
 Content of the letter: 
To: __ oppa ?
The oppa who will always stand beside the camera giving a bright smile, you let me sit at the director's seat for a couple of times during that period, even though i have never once sit on it, keke, thank you for those words you said to me thank you it has been hard on you happy new year~
<Love Rain>
Distributing the gifts packed by herself to staffs one by one according to their name.

Content of the letter:
It has really been hard for all of you, really very thankful to all the staffs of 'Love Rain'! You all always help to make 'Hana' (YoonA's name in Love Rain) present herself beautifully, really thankful! If only we get closer earlier, and have more gatherings, what a pity~ But meeting all of you such nice people i am really happy~^^ Everyone worked hard, do take care of your health~
Every bag contained a handwritten letter.

 <Prime Minister & I>
Even though it wasn't the end of the filming, but because that day as Pepero Day, so she prepared some snacks and gifts to commerate this day.
+ Some related fanaccounts and interviews
FanAcc: YoonA is really an angel, and she told us not to take photos, really beautiful, and she even gave her autographs with a smile. Really, Angel ?? A little boy was carried by his dad and he keep staring at the stage, when YoonA saw, she passed a autographed ball to the audience and asked them to help pass it to the little boy. YoonA, i love you.
#Singer Park Gangsung mentioned YoonA
Park Gangsung: I wanted to get a autograph from TVXQ so i went backstage, however no staffs recognised me, and even asked me who i am, even after i said, they continue to ignore me and make things difficult for me. And then YoonA walked over and greeted me 'Sunbaenim' loudly. I am really thankful for the attention she showed me.
#Actress Kim Min Hee
YoonA and Sooyoung who are respectful to elders and lovely to kids, an encounter during meal.
While having our meal in a Samgyeopsal shop, Sooyoung and YoonA immediately stood up from their seat and came over to greet me upon seeing me. I was with my children at that time and because Soshi came over to greet me, i feel so proud at that instant, and my mood became better too. i even paid for Park Minhee (At that time, Shin Dongyup who was working radio with them also said that YoonA and Sooyoung are really well-mannered girls)
#Actress Kim Nam-joo
Director Suncheol said, "After watching the drama, Kim Nam Joo really love YoonA's hair accessory. Upon knowing this from staffs, YoonA wrote a letter with the hair accessory together and send it to Kim Nam Joo. And she is really thankful." Then she continued, "She intially wanted to give the hair accessory to her daughter, but because she was touched by YoonA's sincerity, so she wore it during her drama filming. Ever since then, 'Kim Nam Joo's hair accessory' became a hot topic and search"
#SM's past traine Jang Ha Jin mentioned YoonA
Jang HaJin: "Wow, that unnie is really pretty. The first time i met Unnie was really unforgettable. I stared at her to the extent i can't even close my mouth, really pretty. That time she was only 15, but she was tall and her limbs are long, really like a barbie doll. (Compared to now, she was darker, but in my eyes she is was prettier just like that, totally like a foreigner), her face which is as big as her fist, her sparkling eyes and her smile totally steal my heart. (Just like how every child like good looking people), just by looking at her, my mood will even become better. She is totally what we called a pretty girl with a pretty heart, you really can feel it. YoonA unnie, the more i get to know her, the more i find her prettier, she is natural, pure and also very kind, i have never heard her speaking ill of others, always giving in and thinking for others. Her smile is so bright. In the 3 years, she has never quarrel with anyone or throw a temper. Isn't that unnie tired? I do have thoughts like this. In actual fact, she is only older than me for nearly a year, and because she is not competitve so she don't fight for anything with others.
I was always worried if unnie can be a celebritiy or not, however, she will always do her best in everything the sunbaes who trained us asked us to do, and her talents are also outstanding.
She likes to crack jokes, and like to laugh alot. Something different from her outer appearance is that she is more easy going and boyish, and even do gagman performances. She always has unexpected jokes so she is always the creator of the atmosphere.
On the contrary, when she was left alone, she is someone with alot of thinkings, i like unnie like this."
Cr: Chinese trans by ?? and Yoonaya
Eng trans: mystarmyangel

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