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 People have said the end was near many times—true. However, no prophecy of the latter days meant anything until Israel became a nation again? God’s Word indicates a generation would not pass from Israel’s rebirth, until all be fulfilled (which includes the Rapture, Tribulation, Armageddon, and Christ’s return). A generation can be 70+ years–Ps 90:10. Israel was reborn May 14, 1948. In addition, there would be over 360 prophecies that would come together after Israel’s rebirth. By Israel’s rebirth and the 360+ signs, we would know that the events of the Rapture, Tribulation, and return of Jesus were close.
     Many have been preaching about the latter days (of the end times) in churches, on radio, TV, the Internet, books and magazines. Some include Billy Graham, Hal Lindsey, John Hagee, Charles Stanley, Jack Van Impe, Peter Lalonde, Tim LaHaye and Ed Hindson. Those that love God understand these things. For those that practice sin, no explanation is possible–ref Dan 12:4, 10; Mt 24:37, 39.
     It has been said that it is impossible for anyone to make 11 straight predictions, 2000 years into the future. There is only one chance in 8 x 10 to the 63rd power, or 80 with 63 zeros after it that such a thing could be done. If such a set of predictions existed, it would have to be the Word of God.

     Could you write eleven straight predictions that would take place in the year 4000 A.D.? Include the rebirth of a specific nation. Include countries that would exist, nations that would be allied together, and the exact size of a nation’s army. Include what the people and church would be like and the names of actual cities that would exist. The Bible not only does this eleven times, but hundreds of times. If this is so, even the most skeptical person (that is truthful) would have to agree that there is indeed a God and the Bible is His Word. 2 Pe 1:20,21–KNOWING THIS FIRST, THAT NO PROPHECY OF THE SCRIPTURE IS OF ANY PRIVATE INTERPRETATION. FOR THE PROPHECY CAME NOT IN OLD TIME BY THE WILL OF MAN: BUT HOLY MEN OF GOD SPAKE AS THEY WERE MOVED BY THE HOLY GHOST. O FOOLS, AND SLOW OF HEART TO BELIEVE ALL THAT THE PROPHETS HAVE SPOKEN–Lk 24:25. However, believing there is a God and acknowledging the Bible is His Word does not save a person. Let’s prove the Bible is true and we are nearing the end of the last generation before Christ returns.
     1. The Jewish people would be scattered worldwide; yet Israel would become a nation again after a long time and at a time the Bible calls the “latter days”–ref Isa 66:8; Mic 5:3; Ezek 38:8. Against what appeared to be impossible odds, this prophecy has been fulfilled. It happened on May 14, 1948 after about 2500 years. That’s 1 out of 1. Israel was destroyed in approximately 721 B.C. and Judah about 135 years later. The rebirth of Israel was the key sign, indicating we had entered a time period called the “latter days” of the last days (or end times). It was the beginning of a countdown leading to the Tribulation and culminating with the Battle of Armageddon and the return of Jesus.

     2. Israel shall be brought forth in one day, at once–ref Isa 66:8. Prophecy fulfilled–May 14, 1948. On Nov. 29, 1947, the General Assembly of the U.N. approved a resolution calling for the establishment of a Jewish state in Palestine. On the morning of May 14, 1948 (the last day of the British mandate), a meeting of the People’s Council took place in Israel to decide on the name and finalize the declaration. At precisely 4 PM, the proclamation ceremony began at the Tel Aviv museum. The 979 Hebrew words of the Scroll of Independence were read. All stood, and the scroll was adopted. The notorious White Paper, issued by the British in 1930 restricting Jewish immigration, was declared null and void. The People’s Council signed the proclamation. David Ben–Gurion rapped his gavel, declaring, “The State of Israel is established. This meeting is ended.” In one day, at once, as predicted—Israel was reborn. President Truman was swift in announcing U.S. recognition of Israel. The following morning, Israel was under attack by the Egyptian, Syrian, Lebanese, Jordanian, and Iraqi forces.

     3. Israel would be brought forth (or reborn) “out of the nations.” The “United Nations” approved a resolution for a Jewish state in Palestine. Israel’s land had been occupied by many nations. Israel was “brought forth out of the nations.”

     4. Israel must regain the city of Jerusalem–Joel 2:32; Isa 28:14; Ezek 22:19. This happened in 1967. That’s 4 out of 4. By Israel’s rebirth and a precise line of events that come together, we understand the times. We are not setting a date; but, it seems clear that we are in the generation of the Rapture and Tribulation that will come and catch most by surprise.

     5. The 7th church age, which is the last one, before the Rapture, would be lukewarm, neither cold nor hot for Jesus. God will spew them out. The Bible tells us—you have acquired wealth, but your condition is wretched, miserable, poor, blind, and naked, and you don’t know it–Rev 3:14–22. Most use little Scripture and lots of stories. Most know more about their preacher than of Jesus. Many do not teach on the Revelation, sin, repentance, obedience, judgment, hell, fearing God, and baptism by immersion; yet God’s Word tells them to do so. Many sing a lot. Some are socializing centers that teach what their members want to hear. When you go to church—is your Bible left at home?

     The Bible gives app. 119 descriptions of what people would be like at the time of the end. These fit the people of today perfectly, but not the previous generation.
     6. Some would depart from the faith and go into devil worship–1 Tim 4:1. This is perfect. That is 6 out of 6.
     7. People would mock about these days and not believe, just as people mocked about the flood coming–2 Pe 3:3; Jude 18. Are you one of them?
     8. People would be lovers of themselves–2 Tim 3:1,2. Remember the TV commercials—"I do it for me"? Are people self–centered today?
     9. People would be disobeying their parents–2 Tim 3:1,2.
     10. People would be grateful for nothing–2 Tim 3:1,2.
     11. What we call alternate lifestyles would increase and prosper–Lk 17:28,30; ref Gen 19:5; Ro 1:24,26,27.
     12. People would be without self–control in sex–2 Tim 3:1,2,6; Rev 9:21; Lk 17:28,30; Jude 7.
     13. People would love pleasures more than God–2 Tim 3:1,2,4. Picnics, football, or sleep come first. Church?—we can go later. Our American motto "In God we trust" has become a joke.
     14. People would be taking drugs–Rev 9:21. The Greek word for sorceries, in Rev 9:21, means pharmaceuticals or drugs. God’s Word is 100% right on every one. That’s 14 out of 14. Fifty years ago, many people didn’t lock their doors. There was little or no profanity on television, radio, or in the movies. Gum chewing was a main issue in public schools. Now it’s stealing, murder, weapons, bullies, suicide, drugs, and sex. This is the latter days. It’s going to get worse.

     15. There would be something that would enable people all over the world to see events as they happen. The hand–held devices that many use today, along with television and the Internet fulfill this prophecy–ref Rev 11:9,10. How could the Bible have foreseen such things?

     16. There would be weapons that could destroy the world–Mk 13:20; Rev 6:8; Rev 9:18; Zech 14:8,12. This prophecy was written in the days of swords, spears and arrows. It is estimated that the nuclear arsenals of the USA and Russia (as of 2011) could kill every living thing on earth 6 times over. Did you know that Russia tested a bomb that is 2500 times more powerful than the ones dropped on Japan?

     17. The Gospel must be published worldwide–Mk 13:10. This was written when there was no printing press. To our knowledge, the Gospel is (or is about to be) published in the primary language of every nation or “among all nations.”

     18. In the “latter days,” when Israel was again a nation, there would be a great military power to its extreme north in the land of Magog (which is modern–day Russia)–Ezek 38:2–4,8,15,16. Incredible! How could the Bible have foretold the location of a nation, facts about its military, and the time period it would happen? Lk 24:25–O FOOLS, AND SLOW OF HEART TO BELIEVE ALL THAT THE PROPHETS HAVE SPOKEN.

     19. There would be a nation to the far east of Israel, to the end of the earth. It would have an army of 200 million. How could the Bible foretell the location of a nation and the size of its army nearly 2000 years ago? China has boasted that it could field an army of this exact figure.

     20. A key prophecy. There would be an economic alliance of the nations of the Old Roman Empire. This is a description of the European Union today (the EU). It has adopted a one–currency system for many of its nations. It is written, IN THE DAYS OF THESE KINGS (these nations, which is now) SHALL THE GOD OF HEAVEN SET UP A KINGDOM–Dan 2:44. That’s 20 out of 20. We have gone past the point that seemed impossible—not 11 perfect predictions, but 20, made thousands of years ago. With God, nothing is impossible. Even the biggest skeptic should see the Bible is true, if they are honest. God exists. We are near the biblical event we call the rapture.

     There is no chance a human being could write these. The Bible is the Word of God, as these prophecies prove. Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ. Repent and be baptized by full immersion. Read and obey the Gospel. God loves you. Mt 16:26–WHAT IS A MAN PROFITED, IF HE SHALL GAIN THE WHOLE WORLD, AND LOSE HIS OWN SOUL? OR WHAT SHALL A MAN GIVE IN EXCHANGE FOR HIS SOUL? There are actually 365 prophecies regarding these latter days leading to the coming of the Antichrist and beginning of the tribulation. Since Israel’s rebirth (1948), 364 have come to pass, and #365 is happening as this is being written. Because of a lack of space, only 20 have been listed. As thousands of Biblical prophecies have come to pass in their time, so shall those that lie ahead also be fulfilled. In Daniel, Matthew, Mark, Luke and some epistles, the Christian is commanded to know or understand the times we are in.

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