Minggu, 11 Mei 2014

Where Love Grows

I've flown around this empty world
Tryin to find a decent place to land
But how was I to ever know
That you held my perfect world in your hands
How content I am to give my heart to you
Where I know that I'll bring a love like I'd love to do
Where love grows
I have been wandering aimlessly
Still lost, but look at what I've found
And the place I dreamed I might end up
Can't be compared to where I'm standing now
And the darkness that has always imprisoned me
Scared of the light that has finally set me free

Where love grows

All this time I've been living scared
Of what my future might toss me out into
With my outlook, it's turned too anxiousness
Thanks to the love from you, yeah
And the time I just can't pass by fast enough
I can't wait until I finally make it home
Where love grows, love grows
Make it home where love grows

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